Let us bring healthy vending machines to your school!

We provide FitPick® and US Healthy Kids Act school-approved snacks for your school. School Snack Shop proudly serves hundreds of schools and millions of kids. Together we are making a difference in the health of our children.

With a strong understanding of state and federal nutrition requirements, we recognize that children’s health is an important issue in our homes, schools and our communities. We follow the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards to stock your school vending machine, so you can feel confident that the choices your students are making are good for them. We offer only the best quality snacks and beverages.

Energy Star approved vending machines.

Our Energy Star Approved vending machines utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest level of service to your school. They are stocked with:

  • Healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurts, string cheese and more
  • Packaging that ensures portion control and limited calories
  • Products that limit fat, sodium, caffeine and sugar

Through our wireless tracking systems, Streamware and DEX technologies, we have implemented the most advanced tracking system in the world. This means we know when your machines need to be serviced and exactly what they need before we get there, resulting in a higher quality of service and the highest level of accountability possible. All of our reports and our full database are open to our customers at any time through appointment or via web conferencing.

Contact us for a free estimate on putting our vending machines in your school.